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Preventing Your WhatsApp Account from Getting Banned

Companies commonly set up a WhatsApp chat link that allows customers to contact them directly, but this means they rarely store customer contact details. 

Abrupt bans of WhatsApp accounts can significantly impact the business of especially for online stores/ customer services, leading to the loss of all customer information and previous communications. Account bans can happen due to below:

1. Sending a large number of messages in a short time
2. Sending messages that contain advertisements
3. Receiving multiple reports from customers
4. Violating WhatsApp's terms of service

To unblock a WhatsApp account, users must request a review of their suspended account in the WhatsApp Support Center. To prevent a WhatsApp account from being banned, use the official version of WhatsApp Business API and apply for commercial certification. 

Kaon offers various functions and applications in WhatsApp Business API, such as workflow, broadcast function, simultaneous team usage, and canned replied message, to improve business efficiency.

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