KAON connects customers from any channel

Pre-Requisite to setup Channels

1. A local mobile number, ensure to have the SIM and a mobile phone with you while setup. This number would be used for Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp
2. Create a NEW Facebook account for Administrative Purpose
3. Keep the newly created Facebook account session on. Launch the Facebook Business Manager page: https://business.facebook.com, click "Create Account" button on right hand-side, to see the "Create your Business Manager Account" prompt, enter your business details and click Submit. This is for managing for existing business facebook page to share with multiple people more effectively.
4. Add your newly created FB account to assets in Business Manager following the below guideline: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/325571851329683?id=2190812977867143
5. Make sure the FB account has access to (1. Fb page 2. Instagram account DM)
6. Setup WhatsApp Business API with this link: https://try.respond.io/whatsapp-business-api?_ga=2.134872629.533348508.1644216955-1949851943.1643250962 (Massive Discount)
7. Setup WhatsApp Business API with number created in “1” and login with the FB account created in “2”
8. Double validate the WhatsApp Business Account asset has been added to Business Manager

Setup Channel Sequence

1. FB Messenger
2. Instagram
3. WhatsApp for Business
4. Telegram
5. Viber
6. WeChat
7. Email

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