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Choosing the Best WhatsApp Business API: Official or Unofficial?

WhatsApp is a widely-used communication software, making it a valuable tool for businesses to communicate with customers effectively. To enhance the WhatsApp Business API account's extension features, it is important to select a provider carefully. While there are two types of WhatsApp Business API available, official and unofficial, it is essential to choose a secure and stable provider that meets your business needs. In this article, we will explore the differences between official and unofficial APIs and provide recommendations for selecting a suitable provider. If you want to avoid mistakes with your WhatsApp business account, continue reading.

The WhatsApp Business API is an API designed specifically for merchants/business. Unlike the free WhatsApp Business, merchants cannot download the WhatsApp API directly from the App Store or Google Play. Instead, you must obtain the API from a third-party provider or develop it yourself. Kaon is a third-party provider that offers an easy-to-use application program interface and assists users in applying for the WhatsApp Business API. Moreover, Kaon supports both PC and mobile versions, making it easy for merchants to enjoy the extended functionality of the WhatsApp Business API without any programming or software development skills.

The functionalities of Kaon include auto-replies (by creating workflow), tagging management, multi-person login to improve work efficiency, message assignment and broadcast.

WhatsApp Business API suppliers fall into two categories: Meta's officially recognized solution providers, also known as Business Solution Providers, and unofficial third-party API suppliers. While both offer similar functionality, only a few recognize the unofficial API. Unusual behavior exhibited by your account may result in permanent blocking by WhatsApp, resulting in the loss of all customer information. Therefore, it is important to understand the differences between official and unofficial WhatsApp APIs.

Unofficial WhatsApp API is obtained from third-party suppliers, as Meta has restricted access to the WhatsApp Business API until May 2021, and only well-known brands can use it. Small and medium-sized businesses often opt for the unofficial API to access its extended functions conveniently.

On the other hand, merchants who use the official API must provide various supporting documents and go through complicated procedures before they can open an account. Although the official WhatsApp API charges mostly higher than the unofficial API, its "officially recognized" status has undeniable advantages, allowing merchants to avoid the risk of account closures.

In summary, it is essential to select a secure and stable provider that meets your business needs, and to understand the differences between official and unofficial WhatsApp APIs to avoid any mistakes with your WhatsApp business account.

To distinguish between official and unofficial WhatsApp Business API, visit the Meta website's list of Business Solution Providers to see if your API provider is an official WhatsApp partner. These providers not only ensure WhatsApp's network stability but also allow merchants to submit template messages to Meta for approval.

When choosing an API provider, it is important to consider the potential risks of using an unofficial WhatsApp API, such as losing customer information and the account closure risks associated with suspicious account behavior. While it may be easier and less expensive for small businesses to apply for the unofficial WhatsApp API, the official API is the best option for merchants who want to keep in touch with their existing customers and retain their records.

Additionally, the official WhatsApp API provides more stable and efficient services in terms of message volume and stability, making it the best choice for medium to large businesses. However, eCommerce should consider the message and industry restrictions associated with the official API before upgrading their WhatsApp account.

Kaon is an official WhatsApp Business API partner that provides small and medium-sized merchants with dependable and affordable WhatsApp extensions. Kaon offers features such as workflow, canned message for replies, team management, customer tagging and classification, message broadcast, and personalized messages.

In summary, to ensure a dependable and secure WhatsApp Business API service, it is important to choose an official API provider like Kaon and consider the official API's benefits and restrictions before upgrading your WhatsApp account.

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